Grainy bathroom selfie workday flow: a lazy fashion blogging compilation

  • Photo 1: completely thrifted
  • Photo 2: thrifted blouse, watch; skirt from super clearance rack at nordstrom rack ($5!), gifted scarf
  • Photo 3: thrifted disco leggings; gifted sweater, scarf, watch
  • Photo 4: completely thrifted
  • Photo 5: thrifted dress, belt; gifted scarf, watch
  • Photo 6: thrifted skirt, belt, top; grandmother’s earrings; Urban Outfitters super clearance scarf ($7!)

So, what can we learn from these photos? Choose your answer:

A) It’s still stupidly, horrifically cold in Boston.

B) I take a lot of selfies at work because I still can’t find a great time each day to snap real blog pictures.

C) I like oversized scarves a little too much.

D) all of the above?