Ootd on my day off:

Thrifted everything! Not much else to say.

Here’s a thrifter’s quandary: the red dress you see on the wall is on hold until tomorrow night while I mull over whether or not I really need yet another pretty little vintage day dress (spoiler 1: yes, always) (spoiler 2: but per usual I am probably too poor to justify it. Le sigh).

It’s $22 and it’s not thrifted, per se—it’s from Buffalo Exchange (I was trying on clothes while waiting to trade some of my own in), so it’s a bit more expensive than I’d find it thrifted. On the other hand, it’s stunning, and a beautiful tomato-red collared full-skirted embroidered cotton dress is a rare find indeed. An intimidating woman on the T once told me that red is my color, so I’m a bit predisposed to it.

So the question here is: should I spend $22 on a pretty dress, or should I continue on my mission for financial austerity, and use that $22 towards practical things like food and tea and socks and conditioner?

I know the good/correct answer, but sometimes being a cash-strapped fashionista is trying.

So next time you really need your hair out of your face but also want to look simultaneously ladylike and a little crazy, maybe try this little French braid bun I threw together today?

My hair was especially unruly today, and not in a hot sex hair way.

Basically, instead of just a topknot, I did a short French braid starting at the front of my hairline. I took that chunk of hair, twisted it with the rest of my hair into one mass, threw that into a ponytail, and then twisted it into a bun and secured the whole thing with another hair tie.

I actually like how off-kilter the whole thing looked—very neat from the front, but as soon as you incline your head or turn to the side, it’s a little off. Perhaps better served by a brush beforehand if you need it to look, you know, nice.

Not my fanciest hair creation, but when you have dirty shoulder-length hair and zero bobby pins, you have to make do.


Anonymous asked:

I'm really awful at making my own outfits and picking out my own clothes. I end up wearing the same unflattering things everyday. Can you give me some advice as to what to wear?


I think you first need to figure out what you like and what makes you feel good. Go to a store (thrift stores are great for this) and try on lots of different things—dresses and skirts of all cuts and lengths, all types of pants, some pretty blouses and louche tees, whatever catches your eye.

You may have to try on a million things to find something that really makes you feel good, but you’ll find it. When you do, buy it. That’s your starting point.

Again, lots of this depends on lifestyle—how much money you have to spend, how much time you can invest in it, where you’ll be wearing your clothes, etc.—so change this advice as you see fit.

If there’s something you’re wearing all the time but that doesn’t make you feel great, figure out why. If you’re wearing it a lot, it’s either:
-comfortable, or
-easy to match.

All of these positive things are also available in clothes that make you feel good—I promise. You just have to work a bit. I’d say about 80% of what’s in stores won’t fit 80% of body types well, if only because fit models are so standard and traditionally proportional in their measurements, and normal people aren’t.

A good start for you would be to take whatever you’re currently wearing the most and figure out why you’re wearing it (those three reasons above should give you a good start). Then, compare it with why you like the garment you found on your shopping excursion (or really any garment you have that makes you feel fantastic).

There should be some middle ground there, and that’s what you need to look for. Do you want comfy but fancy? Convenient but sexy? Easy to match but androgynous?

Don’t be afraid of a uniform, either—ifblack jeans, a colorful top, and some kicks make you feel good, wear that all the time! If maxi dresses are your flow, find 20 (they’re all over thrift stores).

Take your next few days off for yourself and build a starter wardrobe based only on pieces you absolutely love. You don’t to dress like the other people at your high school or office or college. Wear what makes you glow and don’t feel bad about donating anything that makes you self-conscious every time you wear it.


Anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your blog and was wondering if you had any ideas about clothes that would flatter my legs as I'm really self conscious of my thighs?


Oh girl. I’m right there!

My hips/thighs are the largest part of my body and where all my weight ends up at some point. I was self-conscious about them for some time (and still am, a little bit).

My #1 tip for making anything—thrifted or new—work is to know your fits.

For example, my ideal fit for any garment or outfit involves an emphasized waist, because (besides my wrists and ankles), I think it’s the nicest part of my body. If I’m doing a dress or a skirt, it needs to be tight around the middle, or at least belted. If I’m doing pants or other separates, they need to be higher waisted and tight, worn with either something cropped or somewhat fitted.

So much of this advice depends on your lifestyle, but if you’re truly self-conscious about your legs, start wearing more dresses and skirts! The normal teen-twentysomething default looks of low-waisted jeans and a slightly loose tee with some boots or sneakers don’t work so well on curvier hourglass and pear shapes like you and I.

If you’re looking at skirts or dresses, find a higher rise and either a full skirt or a very fitted, stretchy one. The in-between cuts can add bulk and fit awkwardly.

And don’t be afraid to say no to things that just don’t make you feel great! I get really self-conscious about shorts, and after years of trying in vain to find a pair that would magically make my body look completely different, I decided to stop beating myself up and just wear things that make me feel good. I don’t like wearing shorts, or leggings as pants, or loose, long tshirts, so I mostly don’t, and I feel that much better for it.

Seriously considering doing some sort of little giveaway if I hit 10,000 followers in the next few days. I have a few bits and pieces of thrifted clothing and jewelry and accessories laying around and they might as well go to someone! It wouldn’t be anything brand new or particularly valuable, but it would be something.

I’m so overwhelmed and flattered, and I know that 10,000 isn’t an incredible number in the grand scheme of things, but I really appreciate you guys! It makes me feel like this whole hobby/lifestyle isn’t just some weird thing that only I care about. Thrifty solidarity!

Apparently I’m on the trending blog list again? I have no idea how/why this keeps happening, but my stupid little blog and I are flattered!

For you new people—I’m a 23-year-old recent grad, from Indiana, living in Boston, currently (and ironically) working in extremely high-end retail while on food stamps (I got laid off of my 9-to-5 about two months ago). I grew up in a family that was already pretty poor and thrifty, but now, more than ever, it’s a necessity and a part of life as well as a hobby.

Just because my clothing budget comes from whatever extra odd jobs I can do or surveys/focus groups I can talk my way into doesn’t mean I can’t look hella good.

I fully believe I can be just as happy with my $2 dress as my high-end customers can be with their $2000 jackets. I think that having a thrift store wardrobe doesn’t mean I have to compromise my very picky sartorial perspective.

Let me know if you ever need advice or if you just want to chat! Happy to have you guys here. Sorry my blog is kinda lazy sometimes. I’m always running around on my grind.

Just gonna make this post unnecessarily long because I’m infatuated with this sheer white floral Swiss-dotted dress.

Vintage dress, thrifted leather belt (which I just realized I’ve had for almost a decade), thrifted vintage enamel earrings, clearance special edition denim chucks ($20 including shipping!!!), gifted ring.

It’s such a nice vintage frock—I picked it up in trade for a few things at my local Buffalo Exchange. It’s incredibly sheer, so it definitely needs a slip. On top of that, it has one of ugliest collars I’ve ever seen (check the last photo in the middle set).

I’m not deterred by some visible panties here and some ugly ruffles there. The dress was a quick fix in both places. It’s layered on top of a black vintage satin nightgown (always a good investment as a layering piece—I got it years ago at Goodwill for $2) and the offending collar is simply tucked under.

TL;DR: If a small but ugly collar is your garment’s problem, tuck it under, and if sheerness is the issue, find a cute, silky nightgown to wear underneath. Simple as that.

Sort of a repeat of my other blog, but I went to an arboretum yesterday. True to form, I wore yet another printed maxi/crop top/sneakers combo. You can’t say I’m not consistent.

Thrifted skirt, h&m crop (dyed grey), clearance Keds from Kohls (last year).

Gratuitous bathroom selfies because

A) I enjoyed this print mix
B) My makeup was so very on point (even though my hair was technically still wet when I took these)
C) Crop tops and maxis seem to be all I wear nowadays.

Thrifted skirt, top, Keds from eBay.

Lipstick is Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Honey (a dark nude-y pink), with a bit of the balm stain in Sweetheart (a hot, neon pink) layered around the middle (I was feeling inventive this morning).


alittleofparadise asked:

Do you mind me asking what you majored in?


Not at all! I majored in professional writing.

And here’s one iteration of my work uniform! I’m not 100% on board with the fit of these pants (the whole uniform lookbook is definitely catered towards more slender girls) and these shoes are probably pushing it (they prefer “minimal” accessories) but hey, I get designer clothes for free. HYFR.

Helmut Lang clothes, thrifted shoes

Play clothes today. I usually wear different clothes on my commute into work because I don’t want to damage my nice designer uniform.

All thrifted.

Some casual stuff from this week (sorry if you’ve already seen this while following my other blog).

Left: all thrifted, minus Keds (eBay) and sunglasses (from a street vendor in Brooklyn)

Right: dress from the kohls clearance rack this winter (and ya, it’s getting a lot of wear this summer), thrifted flats, old off-brand bag from tj maxx

You guys!

I’m no longer jobless! I got a sales job at Helmut Lang. I’m pretty pumped.

I’ve never worked on fashion before so this should be exciting (and it’ll give me excuses to leave the house and actually put clothes on and maintain the blog)!!!

Also of note: I had an interview yesterday to work at a Helmut Lang pop-up shop here in Boston!!!!

I wore completely thrifted apparel to the interview, natch (it’s not like I have anything designer to wear anyway).

Helmut’s aesthetic is sleek and clean, so I toned down my normal femme ruffle print explosion in favor of a demure 70s-era black midi disco dress (I swear it’s better than it sounds), oversized leather resume clutch, and badass black lace-up booties. Just a watch, a black barrette (not pictured) and tiny studs as accessories.

I went for a strong brow, clean face and a swipe of bright coral-red lipstick, makeup-wise—the lipstick is Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish in shade 12.

I think the interview went well! Send your positive vibes my way!!!