alittleofparadise asked:

Do you mind me asking what you majored in?


Not at all! I majored in professional writing.

And here’s one iteration of my work uniform! I’m not 100% on board with the fit of these pants (the whole uniform lookbook is definitely catered towards more slender girls) and these shoes are probably pushing it (they prefer “minimal” accessories) but hey, I get designer clothes for free. HYFR.

Helmut Lang clothes, thrifted shoes

Play clothes today. I usually wear different clothes on my commute into work because I don’t want to damage my nice designer uniform.

All thrifted.

Some casual stuff from this week (sorry if you’ve already seen this while following my other blog).

Left: all thrifted, minus Keds (eBay) and sunglasses (from a street vendor in Brooklyn)

Right: dress from the kohls clearance rack this winter (and ya, it’s getting a lot of wear this summer), thrifted flats, old off-brand bag from tj maxx

You guys!

I’m no longer jobless! I got a job working as a promotional rep/saleswoman at Helmut Lang. I’m pretty pumped.

I’ve never worked on fashion before so this should be exciting (and it’ll give me excuses to leave the house and actually put clothes on and maintain the blog)!!!

Also of note: I had an interview yesterday to work at a Helmut Lang pop-up shop here in Boston!!!!

I wore completely thrifted apparel to the interview, natch (it’s not like I have anything designer to wear anyway).

Helmut’s aesthetic is sleek and clean, so I toned down my normal femme ruffle print explosion in favor of a demure 70s-era black midi disco dress (I swear it’s better than it sounds), oversized leather resume clutch, and badass black lace-up booties. Just a watch, a black barrette (not pictured) and tiny studs as accessories.

I went for a strong brow, clean face and a swipe of bright coral-red lipstick, makeup-wise—the lipstick is Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish in shade 12.

I think the interview went well! Send your positive vibes my way!!!

Not the most avante-garde thing ever, but this is one of my most precious, favorite sundresses. I’ve had this guy since summer 2008, when I found it at a little shop on a trip to Canada.

I honestly think that a classic girly cotton or chiffon sundress is such a wardrobe staple (it’s the meat of my summer wardrobe. I have a disgusting number of little sundresses). This may be from 6 years ago, but it still feels right. My hair, makeup and general style has (have?) changed since senior year of high school, but the dress has been a constant. The only difference now is how I style it.

I suppose I could consider a full-skirted cotton sundress to be a curvy girl essential. This is such a great, flirtatious shape, especially on busty and/or hip-y girls. Maybe I’ll put a longer post together.

Easy sundresses and cross body bags from yesterday and today. All thrifted.

In other news, I finally got a new memory card, so real photos again soon!


Also if y’all have Instagram I’m on insta a lot (#unemployment) and I want to follow you! Find me at kellyonthefritz. That’s my twitter handle too

Memory card officially broke in half (RIP memory card) so while I try to procure a new one, here are some cell phone selfies of what I wore out to watch the US-Ghana match and bike around.

There are little bike shorts hidden underneath the hem of this short, short dress! Don’t mind my wet hair. Figured my bike ride to the bar (shortly after these photos were snapped) would act as a natural hair dryer.

Dress traded for at a swap, thrifted bracelets, clearance denim chucks ($15!!!!), sunglasses from a street vendor in Brooklyn, grandmother’s old earrings

Roommate’s dog likes to help me get dressed sometimes


Sundress weather (at Coco’s Patio Cafe)


Wearing a vintage high waisted shorts/crop top twinset out tonight bc it seemed like the right thing to do

POSTED TO THE WRONG BLOG AGAIN BY ACCIDENT. I am a garbage fashion blogger.


leightonstark asked:

As a fellow well-endowed-in-the-butt-area gal I followed your recommendation of AA riding pants and oh god I have never worn anything so comfortable, or that fits so well, since I was a child. Thank you, thankyouthankyouthankyou!


Yayyyyy!!! So glad you took my advice and it worked out well! Those pants are seriously the best.

Another lazy ootd that I don’t have time to actually photograph today.

Thrifted dress, sneakers (I drew on patterns on them in metallic sharpie last year to make them a little more exciting), “Kelly” cow necklace from the Indiana State Fair (they sell engraved animals of your choice for $10!!!! I also have a unicorn that says my name), “nope” necklace from a clothing swap.

When I originally got this necklace from the clothing swap, a bunch of older women were fawning over it because they thought it said “hope.” Not quite.