Work bathroom selfie #ootd. Vintage thrifted Bill Blass blouse, thrifted skirt, belt, old scarf from TJ Maxx.


blanchedevereauxx asked:

I see that you have sneaker wedges that look totally stylish.. I've been thinking about getting a pair myself, but I feel like they might be on the way out? Do you think they'll stick around/ what's your go-to outfit when it comes to wearing them?



Thanks! But surprise—they’re actually not sneaker wedges!

They’re vintage LL Bean high-top velcro boot things that I found in pristine condition. So weird and definitely one of my best thrift finds! 

I normally wear them out to shows and things—I feel like I have to step up my style game when I’m going out to hip-hop/production showcases in Boston now. 

Obviously I like them with crop tops and higher-waisted black pants (whoops). I love the ugly shoe trend, but I think you have to show some skin and sex them up a bit if you’re going to wear them. 

When it comes to actual sneaker wedges, I have mixed feelings. I liked the original Isabel Marant sneaker wedges that started the trend (seen below): 

That being said, they’re SO TRICKY to style. I’m not even totally on board with all of the looks above. I never went in for the actual sneaker wedge trend because they cut off your legs so badly. If you’re already tall and curvy (like me), it’s just not a great look. 

Honestly, I think sneaker wedges are on their way out, but I think flat sneakers and flat high-tops are the future. I know runways and street style blogs are showing tons of flat sneakers and running shoes with everything for spring. I think that look is fresher than the sneaker wedge. 

Rick Owens has shown some crazy high-top sneaker-type stuff the last few seasons that firmly walks on the jolie-laide (pretty-ugly, the big trend in shoes at the moment) line. 

(both Rick Owens, above)

These Gucci sneakers below are slightly more realistic, though. I think you can style high-tops the same way you’d style lace-up boots or ankle boots. They’re just more unexpected and fresher-looking. 

For spring, I really, really like the look of super-feminine dresses with sneakers. I can’t really say that it’s a new thing—I’ve loved that look since high school. I like the newer, fresher iterations of it, though, like pairing pencil skirted silhouettes with sneakers, or floaty sundresses with super-practical running shoes, or silky, chiffon-y midi skirts with high-top sneakers and crop tops.

Chanel and Marc Jacobs both showed decidedly more editorial sneaker-based looks in their Spring 2014 RTW runway shows. 



I think those feminine, louche looks with flat sneakers are better options than anything with sneaker wedges—more comfortable, chicer, and far less likely to inspire regret in a year or two. Slightly more practical examples below. 

Sorry for writing an essay. I have a lot of feelings about sneakers in the world of womenswear. 

I feel like I should put this on the fashion blog too. 

Curvy Girl Essentials: AA Riding Pants

So if you’ve paged through this blog at all, you’ve probably realized that I’m cheap. Like, really cheap. Most of my clothes are thrifted. It PAINS me to spend more than $20 on a single garment. Hell, it pains me to spend more than $10. 

Keep all of this in mind as I tell you the following, because it should hopefully lend a little credibility to my opinion. Warning: I’m telling you to buy something at real-people prices. 

If you’re an hourglass, like me, you probably have a LOT of trouble finding pants. I hardly ever wear pants because I probably only have 4 or 5 pairs that I feel fit me really well, and I’m at the point in my life where I don’t feel the need to wear anything that doesn’t fit me less than spectacularly. 

Because of this pants problem, I’m obsessed with American Apparel Riding pants.

I’ve had two pairs thus far—one used pair from eBay (that I eventually lost), and one new pair that I just bought to replace the old ones, which I was missing dearly. 

I’m not gonna lie—these little shits are expensive. They’ll run you ~$75/ pair, depending on where you get them. But they’re magic. Here’s why:

A) They solve the butt:waist ratio problem. 

If you’re an hourglass, this is the bane of your existence. Find a great pair of pants that fits over your substantial ass? Have fun with the giant gape around your waist/lower back. Find a pair that’s your real waist size? Have fun getting it over your upper thighs/butt.

You know what’s so wonderful about these? STRETCH. ALL THE STRETCH, WITHOUT ANY WEIRD BAGGINESS (see first pic above of me with my foot on the bathroom counter to demonstrate—I could easily put my leg behind my head in these pants, if I were the sort of person that does such things). The waistband is wide and tight (see second pic above) and sits on my natural waist without making me feel as if my organs are being slowly crushed. The long zipper makes getting these up over my thighs and booty a breeze (see third pic above). Painless. You can’t say that about a lot of pants when it comes to hourglass or pear-shaped figures. 

B) They’re thick enough to hold in your jelly.

Leggings are wonderful and all, but whenever I wear them, I always feel like every bounce of my butt is magnified and broadcast to the world. While that may be fun for some of the men walking behind me, it makes me paranoid and self-conscious. 

Not so with these pants, friends (see picture 4 above). They’re made out of that wonderful thick, ribbed material that the stirrup pants you wore as a kid in the 90s were made of (picture 5). I could do jumping jacks or run stairs in these and my butt would still look tight and fairly firm—minimal jiggle. They give the illusion that I invest far more time in squats than I actually do. 

C) They can be dressed up or down. 

It’s such a cliche fashion writing thing to say, but they really can. Moody pic of me with the grey scarf? Riding pants for work (picture 6), looking sleek and mostly profesh. All black outfit with my old platinum hair? Riding pants for a dirty college twerkfest (picture 7). Pic with the red scarf? Riding pants for casual errands/lounging around (picture 2). They’re so comfy, and they wear like ponte pants or leggings, but better-fitting, more interestingly-made (the knee patches!) with better fabric, and more forgiving. 

D) They make your ass look amazing. 

I wasn’t kidding. They make me look a little too juicy for a work outfit that doesn’t involve something that at least partially covers my rear, but you ladies with slightly less prominent butts and/or slightly more confidence could get away with them in a professional environment. And, of course, in your casual day-to-day or going-out life, juicy butts are always appreciated. These pants will make your butt look like a round, luscious, wonderful peach, without riding up your ass all day or making you afraid to bend over. 

This has been a PSA. Thank me later. 

Deets: I’m 5’9”, usually anywhere between a size 6-8-10, and I wear a size medium in the AA Riding Pants. 

Pants are American Apparel. Everything else is thrifted but the lace-back boots (thanks thereslevels) and the lace-up boots (my trust Timberland Bethel Buckle boots). 


Finally warm enough for flats!


Requisite office selfie because:

a) How cool are the doubled collar and abalone-shell buttons on this vintage red silk blouse? It also buttons all the way down the back. 

b) Trying out the new Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in shade 135 (“Provocateur”)  today—the new substitute for their discontinued Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain line. I’m s o  m a d  they stopped making those balm stains. For real. So much anger. Those were my favorite lip products and they were so popular! The reasoning behind their discontinuation baffles me. Anyway, The Lacquer Balm is alright. It’s not an exact mockup of the Balm Stain—it doesn’t stain your lips as much (obviously) and it’s much shinier and less balm-y and moisturizing than the Balm Stain formula. I don’t hate it, but I’m not rabid with excitement about it like I was when I stumbled upon the Balm Stains. 

EDIT: If you’re already a Balm Stain lover or if you just want to try one before they sell out everywhere, they’re still available HERE for pretty cheap (~$7). My favorite shades are “Romantic” (a true red), “Smitten” (a lovely dark fuschia-pink) and “Adore” (a deep, blue-wine red). 

c) Maybe I should just cut my hair to the length it appears to be in this pic (most of it’s tucked behind my shoulder)? I like the idea of a long, choppy, wavy bob, but I’m so attached to my long hair that I don’t know if I could really do it. I’m also vaguely concerned about how large it would get (curl/wave-wise) if I took off some of the weight that’s currently taming it. I straightened it a few days ago and it’s been doing odd things since (especially given the inclement weather today), and I don’t think I could keep up with actually having to blow-dry/curl/straighten it every day. 


dean-get-in-my-jeans asked:

Your blog is the most beautiful blog I've ever come across. Your fashion sense is so incredible and admirable and everything I want mine to be (and am currently creating), and you thrift it all too! jghskdfsgsdkolg Great job, I love what you're doing! c:


Wow, thank you so much! I appreciate it. Sorry it’s been mostly weird bathroom selfies lately—I have yet to figure out a good time to snap my outfits during the day with my actual camera (I work 40+ hours a week). I’m thinking I might have to resort to just taking pics in my bedroom in the evenings after I get home, as low-budget as that is (although the low-budget-ness would fit with the general theme of the blog). 

Sorry to ramble. I’ll just accept the compliment as gracefully as I can—many thanks!


The chic-ish outfit mentioned earlier, before it got spattered with rotting garbage disposal vegetables.

And this one. I’m terrible at picking the correct blog for my fashion-related posts. Absolutely terrible. Take this blog away from me 


I swear to god I look like a different person when I straighten my hair. I always hate it after I do it

I suppose I should put this on the fashion blog as well



Is there anyone out there that makes a good bralette/cute lacy longline bra thing (basically something that would look cute peeking out under something sheer or low-cut, like most of these cheapies for smaller-chested gals ) for girls with DDs and above?

Grainy bathroom selfie workday flow: a lazy fashion blogging compilation

  • Photo 1: completely thrifted
  • Photo 2: thrifted blouse, watch; skirt from super clearance rack at nordstrom rack ($5!), gifted scarf
  • Photo 3: thrifted disco leggings; gifted sweater, scarf, watch
  • Photo 4: completely thrifted
  • Photo 5: thrifted dress, belt; gifted scarf, watch
  • Photo 6: thrifted skirt, belt, top; grandmother’s earrings; Urban Outfitters super clearance scarf ($7!)

So, what can we learn from these photos? Choose your answer:

A) It’s still stupidly, horrifically cold in Boston.

B) I take a lot of selfies at work because I still can’t find a great time each day to snap real blog pictures.

C) I like oversized scarves a little too much.

D) all of the above?

It’s not boots and purple lipstick, but it’s good enough for tonight I think


I bought myself 5-ft, a 50-pair shoe rack bc I have a job. I REGRET NOTHING


The dress is probably a full two sizes too big, but the print is so groovy that I decided to belt it and deal 


The thrifting gods have blessed me this day, for it is through their gifts I shall know that am truly the chosen one. Pristine LL Bean suede platform Velcro high tops #jolielaide #springlooks #biguglyshoesforever (at Urban Renewals)

On a whim, I just bought one of the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balms I’ve been coveting. This is shade 215, “shameless,” and it’s the best affordable purple on the market right now, in my humble opinion.

It truly does have the consistency of a balm, but the matte of it makes the pigment that much more apparent. It’s shockingly purple—not berry, not plum, but true purple (at least on my lips, although my weird cell phone gives it a pinkish hue in these photos that isn’t there in real life).

The buttery, moisturizing quality of it keeps it from getting cake-y or flaky, which would look horrid in a shade this dark.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Revlon’s Just Bitten and Colorburst products are worthy competitors with some of the samples I’ve tried of higher-end lip products, but far more affordable. This ran about $8.